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Adam Camacho

I have no experience with e-commerce or business at all, but since starting with the program I have made thousands of
dollars every month consistently.

Zakria Nasir

Since joining the program my life has changed tremendously. The program is fantastic and if you have an opportunity to join it then definitely don't waste it. 

Robert Horton

Jay and his team are amazing! It's all step-by-step and gives you everything you need. I could not be happier. You have to do this if you
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With over 8 figures in our own sales, every course at KaChing Academy is built on 12 years of direct experience and success in building and growing online businesses from the ground up, achieving 7 & 8-figure revenues.

Every strategy we teach is tailored to fit various e-commerce business models but also comes with distinct advantages: our content is not only proven but also regularly updated without any extra charge. Our courses are designed as bite-sized lessons, providing greater detail and deeper insights than you'll find elsewhere. And should you ever encounter an issue or need guidance, rest assured you'll receive assistance from genuine experts, not just a standard support team with templated responses.

Private Label FBA

In this 8-week detailed online training course you will learn how to start, launch, run and grow your very own private label Amazon FBA business from scratch with zero prior experience.

One Product Away

In this 5-Day challenge, we will show you the exact step-by-step process to quickly sort through the billions of products available for sale on Amazon so you can find the perfect product opportunity.

Inner Circle

Within a year, redefine your destiny. Under our mentorship, you'll not only build a thriving Amazon business from scratch but also experience more than success – a life transformed.

Retail Arbitrage

In this 6-week online training course you will learn how to start, run and grow your very own retail arbitrage business on multiple e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon and Shopify.


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